About Us

YKEEP believe it's all about the music. It's important to own the music we love. To support the artists we love. Sometimes we miss out on or forget to pick up a CD or two by our favorites. That's where YKEEP comes in. YKEEP has a dynamic inventory of used and new CDs at low, competitive prices without the padded shipping costs. YKEEP charges a flat shipping rate of $3.00 to however many items you purchase. Buy 1 CD, $3.00. Buy 10, $3.00. YKEEP doesn't differentiate between music club CDs and retail CDs because they all used the same masters and are of the same quality. Remember- it's about the music.

Why does YKEEP ship without the jewel cases? We have had many customers request YKEEP to keep the cases. So we looked into it and a big reason is that it saves on shipping and allows for less space for storage. Of course, we have the cases and that is why you can ask us to include the cases with your order for a .20 a case. No extra for shipping. Please note CDs that come with cardboard cases and sealed items will ship with their cases.

Search YKEEP's inventory for out of print CDs, missing gems for your collection, unique compilation and rarities not found elsewhere. Visit often because our inventory changes often. Looking for something, send us a note, we'll keep an eye out for you. Hopefully we'll have that CD you must have!